City of Chicago Files Civil Lawsuit Against Jussie Smollett for Investigation Costs

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The city of Chicago previously gave Smollett seven days to repay $130,106.15 bill stemming from the 1,836 overtime hours the police spent investigating the January 29th attack, CNN reports; at the time, the city of Chicago claims in its civil complaint, Smollett misled investigators by saying his attackers were white and staging the incident as a hate crime.

When Smollett, as expected, declined to reimburse the police department, the city filed the civil complaint, with the city also asking for a jury trial to determine Smollett’s damages.

Under a current city code, Smollett could face more than $390,000 in damages as well as a $1,000 penalty for every false claim he told police.

“Lawyers for the city will get evidence that exists,” Soffer explained.

“They’ll get tape recordings.

They’ll get video surveillance, they’ll get phone records and they’ll take depositions.

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And transcripts will be made of those depositions.

And then if it goes through to a trial we’ll see all of this come out in the open.

You’ll see Jussie Smollett take the stand and testify.”

Full Transcript of lawsuit….

Couple pages of lawsuit…..

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The civil complaint filed on Thursday outlined what city attorneys said Smollett did. The suit claimed that Smollett — who allegedly became friends with Abel Osundairo in 2017, per the docs — texted Abel in late January: “Might need your help on the low.

You around to meet up and talk face to face?”

The complaint further alleged, “that same day, January 25, 2019, GPS records and video evidence indicate that [the] Defendant [Smollett] drove Abel from Empire’s Cinespace Studio to Abel’s apartment,” and that “during the ride, [Smollett] stated that he was unhappy with the way his employers handled a racist and homophobic letter he had allegedly received three days earlier, and, as a result, he wanted to stage an attack where Abel would appear to batter him.”

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