City of Chicago to sue Jussie Smollett for cost of investigating hoax!

Jussie Smollett is about to get sued by the City of Chicago and, in the process, he could effectively go on trial for allegedly faking the “attack.”

As we reported, the City of Chicago fired off a letter to Jussie’s people, demanding $130,000 for the cost of investigating the case. Jussie’s people told the City to go pound sand.

The City had to wait 7 days before filing a civil lawsuit against the actor. Well the 7 days has now passed, and the City has made its intentions clear — they are going forward with the lawsuit.

After Jussie Smollett case, Cook County police chiefs announce they have no confidence in State’s Attorney Kim Foxx

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The Chicago police union and dozens of Cook County police chiefs banded together Thursday to announce a “no confidence” vote in State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. The press conference came after her office’s controversial decision to drop charges against Jussie Smollett over his alleged staged attack.

They gathered at the FOP headquarters over what they claim is Foxx’s mishandling of certain felony cases.

“We cannot stand for this any longer Kim Foxx needs to resign and she should do it quickly,” said Kevin Graham, FOP President.

“She’s putting criminals back on the street either during the process, not charging then at all or allowing them on the street to commit again,” said Steven Stelter, West Suburban Chiefs of Police Association. “Many times the hoops we have to go through to get a felony charge and most of the time they are not approved or charges dismissed in court without an officer’s opinion.”

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The police chiefs claim the safety of citizens and officers are at risk because of Foxx’s decisions to allegedly under prosecute, especially when it comes to felony retail theft cases and battery to police officers.



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