Most British Now Just Want to Leave with NO DEAL – Get out while they can the polls show

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by Martin Armstrong

Perhaps there is some new plague that only affect politicians on a global scale. It seem no matter what country we look at, it is simply going completely insane. Americans rarely understand Parliamentary politics in London for it is not unusual for Trump to meet with Chuck and Nancy in the White House. In British politics, there is no pretend bipartisanship where there are meetings between the parties. The structural difference in a Parliamentary system is that the ruling party controls everything and the opposition party might as well just go on holiday.

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Here the mere fact that Prime Minister Theresa May is meeting with the head of the Labour Party is earth-shattering to say the least. It illustrates that May will not compromise for it is very clear that she will not yield to her own people and is attempting to force the EU demands down everyone’s throat.

The latest polls show that the majority of British have had enough. They just want to exit the EU without any deal whatsoever. There is absolutely NOTHING top gain from am EU deal. Britain will be the major loser and it will surrender its sovereignty in the process.

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This is going to make for an extraordinary interesting WEC in Rome. Our model has been projecting political chaos but even this has scored I believe new record high in political incompetence. PM May was against BREXIT from the outset. She has refused to negotiate a fair deal for Britain and in the process she is dooming her own country.



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