Civil War by the End of Summer! The Battle of Berkley – This was Just the Beginning.

by Mike Ehrmantraut
If you study history, or more importantly the “Art of War”, every civil war throughout time has started with exploratory “confrontations” and limited engagements.
This is exactly what we saw in Berkley a few days ago.
Each side is carefully sizing up the other, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. Tactics are being reevaluated and modified. And more importantly, advise on weaponry is now being given. Everything from a pair of socks with a few D cell batteries in them to light incendiaries and explosives.
Antifa was using M-80s, which are no big deal unless the go off right next to you… but they were also dropping lit ones into bottles and then hurling them. Now you have a weapon capable of causing mass damage.
Think about this for a minute. This means these people are more then willing to inflict injury, or perhaps even death on a group of people they have never even had a face-to-face with… over political ideology.
It also means the opposition has every right to neutralize this threat by whatever means necessary.
Antifa is now also trying desperately to weaponize minority groups, i.e. Latinos and poor, inner-city Blacks.
This in itself has all the makings of a very intense and violent civil conflict.
These Antifa people need to be immediately labeled a domestic terrorist organization, because that’s exactly what they are. Even by their own admittance, they were beaten in The Battle of Berkley… a Bastille of the Communist Left and Liberal indoctrination.
And there is little more humiliating to losing your first big game on your home court.
Now come the escalation. Each side has gathered enough intelligence on the other to come better prepared for their (our) next battle… and the violence is only going to escalate.
Prediction = before July, there is going to be at least one death attributed to these “confrontations”.
And that, will be the “shot heard around the world”.
It’s going to be a long, hot summer, folks.

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