Civil War Weather Report #2, Censorship, Stalin, and a Bunch of Links

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by John Wilder

“Have you any idea how successful censorship is on TV? Don’t know the answer? Hmm. Successful, isn’t it?” – Max Headroom


11:45pm – fifteen minutes to midnight.  Yes, it’s subjective, and it’s based on the countdown, published last month (Civil War II Weather Report: Spicy Time Coming).  We’re still at CivCon 6 – People actively avoid being near those of opposing ideology.  Might move from communities or states just because of ideology.

In this issue:  Front Matter – Censorship Update– John Mark’s Video and Criticism – Updated Civil War II Index – Who Benefits? – Links

Front Matter

Welcome to the second issue of the Civil War II Weather Report.  These posts will be a bit different than the other posts here at Wilder Wealthy and Wise – they will consist of smaller segments covering multiple topics around the single focus of Civil War II.  My intent is to update these on the first Monday of every month.


John Wilkes Paintbooth (Idea via user Miles Long at The Burning Platform)

There has been a pretty significant interest in Civil War II – it has generated more emails to me than any other topic I’ve written about, with a great number of links to relevant information that you’ll see below.  It’s also resulted in about a dozen book suggestions, and I’ve bought or downloaded every one of your suggestions.  I haven’t had time to read even 10% of the books yet, but I can tell the suggestions are rock solid.  Thank you.  Please feel free to contribute more suggestions of links or books either in the comments below or directly to me at – I won’t use your name (from e-mails) unless explicitly given permission, and I won’t directly quote your email unless explicitly given permission, but I may quote my answers in a way that doesn’t violate your privacy.

Censorship Update

Why is censorship an issue in Civil War II?  Censorship is a measure of how those in power (either political or economic) fear an idea and how polarized they have become.  Most censorship in the past had been based on the sexual content of the book or movie.  Now it’s based on ideas that are dangerous.  Which ideas?  Depends on the day.

I know it says “Update” but this is really the first version, so technically the first “update” will be next month.  There has been more censorship in the United States in the past year than at any point in my adult life.  This level of censorship is more frightening than anything I’ve ever seen, except for the latest Democratic presidential debates.

YouTube© is the real star of censorship in June.  Comedian/journalist Steven Crowder has been a long-time YouTube® broadcaster who is generally on the mainstream “Right” side of the political world.  He likes guns.  Doesn’t like abortion.  He is not extreme in any real sense of the word.  But as a comedian, one of the things he does regularly is mock people.  Which people?  Everyone.  I won’t go into the details (you can look it up) but a group of Leftists decided Crowder should be banned from YouTube™ since he made a lispy-Leftist journalist who is an ethnic and sexual minority feel bad.

YouTube© responded to this contrived moral outrage by making it so Crowder couldn’t get money from YouTube® ads – oddly this increased Crowder’s income as thousands of people bought merchandise directly from Crowder’s company.

End of story?  No.


Soon enough, YouTube™ will consist of nothing more than makeup videos, Buzzfeed®, and whatever else the New York Times© says is okay.

Forty other channels were either banned, demonetized, or had videos deleted.  I won’t go so far as to say that these channels are all mainstream like Steven Crowder, they aren’t.  But I am not aware of any content that called for violence or did anything more than spread “dangerous ideas.”  In a crowning bit of irony, YouTube® censored a video where a Google™ (owner of YouTube™) executive talked about how Google© wouldn’t allow another “Trump situation.”  This was presumably via using their ability to manipulate what search results people see when they use Google™.

Twitter® had also purged significant figures on the Right, most prominent among them James Woods, who has since given up on the platform after multiple bans despite having over 2,000,000 followers.

Let’s take Amazon, who in 2010 said that “Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.”  This was a fairly absolute position, especially since Amazon was defending selling a pro-pedophilia book.

Not so much now.  Amazon has now banned dozens of books, and created entire categories of products that cannot be sold.   You can’t get a Confederate flag t-shirt from Amazon, but you can certainly get a Stalin shirt.  This is despite the fact that Stalin killed (In the World Murder Olympics, Communists Take Gold and Silver!) more people in one year – 3.9 million – than the total number of slaves in the United States in 1850 – 3 million.  Sure, it sucked to be a slave.  But it was certainly worse to be a slave to communism that was starved to death.



With apologies to Arthur (LINK), whose tagline I mangled for this one.

I tried to come up with a list of censored things, but even the censored things seem to be mainly censored.  Orwell would be proud.

John Mark’s Civil War 2 Video and Criticism

This video was suggested by several of you, including Shinmen Takezo who suggests you listen to all of John Mark’s videos.  I’ve seen this one, and plan to watch the others when I have a spare minute.

I think Mr. Mark is spot on with commentary that Trump is the last Republican president that will be elected.  I wrote about this back in November of 2018(Trump: The Last President?).  It has a click-bait-y title, which might explain why it went viral and got over 120,000 pageviews on Zero Hedge©.

John Mark reviews an article purportedly written by a “Red Team” (bad guy) member of a war game where the Right revolts against the government and the Left.  My response is in italics, or braille if you don’t clean your screen very often.

First Vulnerability:  The electrical grid is dispersed and easy to take down into most cities because it is impossible to guard.  The front won’t be against just the Right, it will also be against their own (Leftist) cities.

I agree.  The United States is built as a free society, and so is all of our infrastructure.  It is devastatingly vulnerable.  In one of the links below, you’ll see how a $0.02 match took down a $20,000,000 bridge.  And that was on accident.

Second Vulnerability:  30% will revolt.  Most on the Right have guns.  There are 400 million guns, 8 trillion bullets in the United States – most in the hand of the Right.  Ten million strongly on the Right.  Tanks and airplanes don’t matter as much as the Left thinks.   There might be 2 million in the United States military, and over 60% voted for the Right.  There are 20 million former military.

Total would be about 2 million available forces for revolutionary suppression (including civilian police), if the active military did not revolt.

I agree.  The people, especially former military, on the Right can do whatever they want.  Tanks and airplanes didn’t win World War II on the Eastern Front – the winning weapon was the mortar and the rifle – anti-personnel weapons.  The Soviets also accomplished it only by throwing millions of bodies into combat.  Bodies that will be tough for the Left to get outside of conscription.


I think there’s an Uber joke in here somewhere.

Third Vulnerability:  The Left lives in consuming cities, the Right lives in the land that produces food and stuff.  The concentrated cities of the Left produce a lot of porn and girls with daddy-issues, but not much food.

I agree.  They are vulnerable, though the porn and Facebook™ drought might be tough on some.

Where do I disagree? 

The Ultra-Violent and Nukes.

Sure, we know the Starbucks® Socialists and Latte Lenins won’t fight.  Why wouldn’t the government take MS-13 and arm them and turn them loose to “make examples” of small downs, one after another?  If they were losing, they would certainly do that.  And they could scrape together a pilot and a nuke or two to take down a rebel capital city.  If they were losing, they would.     

The Right could make a reasonable partisan force, especially when you look that probably 50% to 75% of the military would defect and train people on the Right, bringing along a nice batch of weapons (think grenades, C4, etcetera) to the farm to teach the rest of the football team.  I don’t think Jed would need to teach the boys to shoot, and I think they’d learn to use that mortar and grenade launcher that he “liberated” from the Marines very quickly.  

Logistics and Geography

The Left can be resupplied via air and ship.  “Emergency” supplies would head into coastal cities and sustain them forever, though Denver would fall soon enough.  Would Russia supply the heartland while the Chinese supplied the West Coast?  I have no idea – I think they’d do what.  Regardless, France would soon surrender.

Also, I think there would be a nearly immediate media clamp down.   The media supports the Left, no matter what.  They would parrot the Leftist line until the studios were taken from them by force.

I think that this is far too optimistic, but I also think the odds are lower the more time passes.

Civil War Index:

Here’s the state for this month.

Economic:  +10.42.  Unemployment is the same – interest rates took a huge drop, and the Dow was (slightly) up.  Increasing economic is good.

Political Instability:  -46%.  I think that the start of the debates and the poor poll numbers of “any democratic candidate” against Trump has calmed the Left politically by a lot.  Lower instability is good.

Censorship:  Originally this was going to be a candidate index.  Sadly, there’s no data.  How scary is it that you can’t find good data on censorship?

Interest in Violence:  Up 7% this month.  Not horrible, but not good.

Illegal Aliens:  Up 24% last month to 144,000.  144,000 is more than have been deported since Trump got into office.  This shows increasing instability south of the border, or lower fear of deportation.  Both are bad.

Eventually these will be graphs, but a graph with one point is . . . boring.  Maybe in August.


Quote From a Failed Candidate to be The One:  “Is the Red Pill gluten free?  Also, is it vegan?”

One measure I thought was pretty good was from Anonymousse over at The Burning Platform:  “One good metric may be the spread between political poll projections and reality/results. I’m thinking that gauges just how “free” people feel about saying versus what they do. Something I’ve noticed widening over the years.”

I’d like to do this one, but the data points are just too far apart.  This would be useful information over the course of a decade, but won’t be much use monthly.  I think Anonymousse is right – people don’t feel good about sharing if they’re going to vote for an “unpopular” candidate on the Right, severely skewing the polls.

What do I mean by unpopular?

We were on vacation two years ago, and decided to stop at a national monument.  We got out.  The plates on our car are from a very red state – my county went 85% for Trump.  As we got out of the car to stretch our legs and see the monument, we spied a guy birdwatching.  He put his binoculars on our car.  He was about 150 feet away.

Birdwatch Bill, yelling:  “Who’d you vote for?”

John Wilder, being sassy, yelling back:  “Starts with a T!”

Birdwatch Bill, muffled:  “Ashshof.”

John Wilder:  “What?”

Birdwatch Bill, with anger, yelling:  “You heard me, A****le.”  It rhymes with tadpole.

I was stunned, I mean, I don’t deny being a tadpole, but I didn’t think you could see it from 150 feet away.  The Mrs. was in the bathroom, and I’m thankful that she didn’t hear him, since she would have broken him like a twig – she handles my light work.

After saying that, Birdwatch Bill scurried and jumped in his car, and sped off.

After hearing that story, The Mrs. was adamant that we not move to that state, even when I had a job offer there, even though I think she’d like to hear Birdwatch Bill’s yelp as she gave him a nuclear wedgie.

Who Benefits?

Whenever I see something that doesn’t make sense, I try to understand what could possibly be causing it.  When conditions are better for minority racial and ethnic groups than ever in the history of the country, and the agitation increases, I have to ask, who benefits?  When the push for segregation comes from, not the Right but the Left, I ask, who benefits?

When I see us moving on a seemingly certain path towards war, I have to ask, who benefits?  Probably more on this in a future post.

Links From Readers:

Obviously I only stand by 100% of my own writing.  Here is some interesting stuff sent in by readers.  Feel free to take some of the burden off of Ricky, and send me more.  And if you send it in an email, please let me know if I may credit you.


See, a chain link photo in the “Links” page.  I’m witty that way.

Thomas Chittum’s Civil War Two  – I’m not finished with this one yet, but very interesting.  A 178 page .pdf file – this was listed by “Mark” at The Burning Platform.

Photos of Bosnia during and after their civil war from “Mygirl…maybe” over at The Burning Platform.

Update on the State of Jefferson vs. New California from user “Martel’s Hammer” at The Burning Platform.

Who is behind Antifa?, via AC at The Burning Platform.

From Ricky:

Pentagon prepping for civil unrest?

Review of the risk of civil unrest (presentation).

Peter Turchin predicts violence in 2020.

France and Social Unrest – Tied to Loss of Family and Religion

Perhaps my favorite link from Ricky – the Partisan Conflict Index – worth watching. 

Brazos reminds us that there is precedence for using the troops against American civilians. 

User “MN Steel” reminds us that the damage a single match can do.

From my E-mail:

First is a blog I often read, Metallicman on what liberals have in store for conservatives.  Not pretty. 

And more from Ricky!

This one from an Australian perspective.

NY Magazine – wondering if it isn’t time to split up.  My add (from HBO®) was for the series Divorce.  Hmmm.

From the Federalist, again about “divorce” of the United States.

From other emails . . .

A great article from Mary Christine over at The Burning Platform, looking at Kansas and Missouri during the Civil War and how partisans will form – will Civil War Two look more like the personal fights along the Kansas and Missouri borders?


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