CLAIM: “Voice message leaked from top levels of Iranian government indicating how dire the situation really is – 1,400 are deceased” (AUDIO)

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Voice message leaked from top levels of Iranian
government indicating how dire the situation really is
submitted by Shallow96

Recently a voice message has been leaked in which it
seems a top level Iranian health ministry official is
telling his close friends how dire the situation really

I will translate a summary of the message.

He states that as of today (day of the recording) more
than 10000 people are infected in Iran and 1400 are
deceased. The minister of health handed his resignation
to the president but was rejected. The outbreak began
with a person flying in from China to Qom via Mahan
airlines. Then it spread from Qom to Tehran and from
Tehran to neighboring cities and provinces.

Guilan,Rasht,Mazandaran,Tonekabon,Markazi,Qom,Karaj and
Tehran are currently hot zones. The current conditions
are considered optimal compared to what’s about to come.
A proposition has been sent to the country’s security
council to quarantine Tehran. Should the proposal be
accepted, the quarantine will take effect as of Saturday.
The virus has been present inside the country for about
one month now but the government covered it up so “Bahman
22 Rallies” and “parliament elections” are not hindered
due to fear of the outbreak.

Joyce Karam
Verified account

BREAKING: 4 #Iran Officials now test Positive for #CoronaVirus:

1- Masouma Ebtekar, VP for Women/Family Affairs
2- Mojtaba Zonnour, Lawmaker
3- Iraj Harrichi, Dep. Health Minister
4- Mahmoud Sadeghi, Lawmaker

Iran Official # say 254 cases & 26 deaths. Friday prayers canceled

VIDEO: Whistle Blower: 8 People Die Overnight in a Single Iranian Hospital #Coronavirus #COVID-19

“If you look at that guy’s Instagram he’s definitely a nurse
in Iran so I don’t see why he would lie. Whatever is
happening in Iran is scaring me more than other countries.
They reportedly have people dying quickly, including
younger people that we aren’t really seeing anywhere else.”


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