Class Warfaring…Are You Playing the Illegal Game Making Everyone Insane?

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by Thinker

Donald Trump for American Citizens vs Politicians For Immigrants First???

Leaders from sanctuary cities promise to protect illegals…what about Veterans??? How many are homeless in their streets??? Trump transparency waking up Americans!!!

In 2015, Alex Jones explains how the elites are using 3rd world chaos to import immigrants to destabilize western governments to bring about the New World Order.

Can anyone understand why social media wants to wipe anything Jones out??? What has really happened is there wasn’t any thought when someone came up with the idea. Now more Americans/people in the world know who Alex Jones is and he has history that opens minds to thought.

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What a blowback!!!

Alex reports the illegal move the originals out and replace them with people from everywhere else…history of Cuba is an eyeopener. What Cuban family can claim to have roots that stay on the island??? What haven’t you been taught about Cuba??? History that will take you all around the world. Refugees… for chaos???

Flashback to 2012 & Alex Waving Truth & Never Stopped – Can You See What He’s Talking About Now??? – 3rd world Immigration = War / Destroying cultures

They’re trying to Erase our physical identities. And to dilute our genetic fingerprints. How are they doing it? The answer is everywhere: Massive Immigration. But, listen to the video. the globalists are overrunning the west with 3rd world populations. Why are they doing this (says Alex Jones). Answer: well, where this cabal wants to take the world, and the methods used to take them there. Of course, they want to bring this world into a One-World dictatorship. But, one of those barriers are each nations sense of identity. So, the idea is to break down the culture by opening borders. And, they will lose their sense of identity.

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