Classism is the problem, not racism. Unity is the greatest weapon against the globalists and they recognize this, which is why we are divided in nearly every aspect of life.

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by jardani28

Why does every major corporation want to talk about racism all of a sudden?

Something is fishy…

The goal is unity, which the globalists hate. They want to keep us divided.

They’ve created a damaged system that hires damaged police, which is an issue, but it’s not the overall issue that will bring about change. We have the wrong people in charge of our government, our financial system, etc.

People are #protesting worldwide, but in fall, we will be locked down again and you’ll let it happen willingly because you’re afraid of a boogeyman #virus because #CNN told you to be. #ChrisCuomo might go back to hiding in his basement. He looks perfectly fine.

It’s easy to hate each other with a crabs in a bucket mentality, but the globalists are holding the bucket and is about to dump the crabs into boiling water. The #Zionist Jews are pulling the strings and for anybody who wants to know how, message me on Telegram @SicSemperTyrannis74.

I feel like, we should NOT have time to hate each other due to skin color, but we have to fight against an oppressive system that keeps us docile. They treat us like we are their pets.

They’ve bailed out their corporate buddies, yet take their time contemplating relief for you and me?

Bill Gates hasn’t spoken on the protests, he just wants to stab you with #ApiJect, and fulfill his fetish for global immunization.

So now you have sheep wearing masks gathering by the hundreds to protest something that’s been happening for centuries?

Police are pawns; they’re a corrupt system no doubt, but like in gang hierarchy, they’re nothing but narcissistic foot soldiers.

The #FraternalOrderofPolice is a MASONIC organization also.

Stay tuned and get ready for the second wave of #coronavirus this fall! I’m going to the beach. Lol

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