Climate Change is a Hoax Just Like Covid-19

by Chris Black

Google and YouTube are demonetizing “Climate Denial” content, by which they mean people who deny that forcing everyone to live in battery cages and eat maggot paste will change the weather.

Frankly, “Climate Change” is as big of a hoax as “COVID.” Sure, the weather changes. Is it going to destroy the world?

 Nope. It’s just a cheap excuse to justify one-world government and import infinity brown people into White countries. 

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They’ll ramp up the insane guilt propaganda and start claiming every random natural disaster is a result of man-made (read: White-man-made) “climate change.”

A few decades ago they were telling us to prepare for a new ice age and now they’re telling us that the Arctic ice caps will be melted by 2050.

 Last year, or the year before, they claimed that we’d already hit the “point of no return” for “climate change.” 

It’s all bullshit. They don’t care about the environment, which is why they focus on CO2 (which is actually good for plants) and not microplastics or xenoestrogens or brown people overpopulating the planet and throwing trash in the ocean.


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