“Climate Reparations” Coming Soon

by Chris Black

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) kicked off with a “deal to discuss climate compensation.”

The issue of “whether rich nations should compensate poor countries most vulnerable to climate change” has been included on the COP agenda for the first time, and talks will come to a “conclusive decision no later than 2024.”

In non-NWO language, this means that Globalists plan to steal even more money from White people and redistribute it to brown people.

Communist Third Worldism on a global scale.

Reminder: world population hits 8 billion this month.

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This is all paid for by The Bank of Whitey and facilitated by massive wealth redistribution on a global scale:

Remember this when your family are breathing in the spores of the mould growing in the rooms you haven’t been able to heat during the cold, wet winter.

Two weeks after the UK gets an unelected Third World brown person for prime minister, he signs a deal giving Third World brown countries billions of dollars of British money.


The ruling class in the West just don’t care anymore, it’s a feeding frenzy of looting and they’re not even trying to hide it.


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