Climate scientist Andrew Cuomo reminds rapt MSNBC anchors that we didn’t have hurricanes, superstorms, or tornadoes until global warming came along (video).

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Sept. 21, 1938 My parents were married 4 days before in NYC. My mom was from New England . . .
IIRC among the 600+ killed were some salesladies who drowned in the basement of a department store in Providence.

We had a place on the Cape (Cape Cod) an I grew up getting blasted by hurricanes in the 1950s.

Carole, (… ) 1954
Diane, (… ) 1955
Hazel (… ) 1954

— are still in the memory banks. Check out the details.

One time it took 14 hours to make a 4-5 hour trip home as the bridges in eastern Connecticut were washed away.

Did Cuomo not grow up in the northeast???


OLD AND BUSTED: “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.”




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