Clinton/Hollywood Global Initiative Shut Down With Mass Exodus of Donors

by Thinker

‘Michelle Malkin Investigates’ host Michelle Malkin on the Clinton Global Initiative closing. In the times of trouble, it is always the poorest that suffer and are forgotten. No funds without donors closing another door that has nothing to show for all the time it was open.

What did the Global Initiative do besides have parties with Hollywood. Where there should be thousands of successful stories, there aren’t. A foundation that was supposed to be run by someone who was president and couldn’t keep it going? A woman who wanted to be president?…ExyHzquaQA

What does your foundation give to the world and the cause it raises money for? A person should look to see what the history is before donating to any foundation. What one will find at least eight out of ten times, is that most of the donations go to pay for the staff, with the CEO making the most. Free dollars if you can create the best marketing…who needs to work? International law only requires the non-profits to give back 10%, but they could give more if they want. Who is giving back more than 10% of funds raised? Is your donation going for the cause or someones lifestyle?

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The Red Cross CEO Salary Is HOW MUCH?!?

In which Gret puts into question the salary of the CEO of the Red Cross (Gail McGovern). And then goes onto explain how that’s not even the most concerning issue with the organization

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