CLINTON Made $48 Million as SecState! FBI has a lot of investigating to do — Russia is TIP OF THE ICEBERG! Judicial Watch — not the media, not Congress — has it all!

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Judicial Watch has been on Clinton-State cash machine since 2009! Judicial Watch juggernaut paving the way. FBI has much to look at!
Here’s the vid:

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We first exposed the Clinton cash machine back in 2014!
NEVER FORGET: The minute Crooked lost the election, Australia and other countries cut their donations to the Clinton Foundation to $0. No influence to sell = no money for Hillary
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12 thoughts on “CLINTON Made $48 Million as SecState! FBI has a lot of investigating to do — Russia is TIP OF THE ICEBERG! Judicial Watch — not the media, not Congress — has it all!

  1. 20 years ago, I used to laugh at the incredibly corrupt Mexican government, and their total lack of even the weakest attempt to hide their corruption. I marveled at how the Mexican people simply accepted the corruption as “normal”
    I’m not laughing now.

    • i was asking and begging the powers here to send schools to Mexico,30 years ago, they refused and they came here to stay!

  2. Soon she will be awakening at 0600 every morning, smelling lush tropical scents, and the Caribbean, from her Guantanamo prison cell.

  3. It is all for show. There is no way it would take the FBI, your local cops, or any investigation unit a year to find out if you had worked with the Russians to do something illegal. It would probably be pretty damn quick. But as soon as it is a “connected” politician, suddenly it takes years and years and nothing happens. Same with cops. A cop violates your rights… it takes their internal affairs a full year (happened to me), to investigate themselves, only to come back and say it was no big deal. Trump colluding with Russians? A year later we have nothing. Hillary and Bill doing Pay-For-Play? Years and years of nothing. And they can’t!!! If they prosecuted Hillary, or Trump, suddenly they’d be demanding everyone be prosecuted. And by “they’d”, I mean “Them”, not the rest of us little people. “They” do not want their status-quo changed. It works well for them. For the next three years we will get this same song and dance. Trump being investigated, Hillary being investigated, and just like the FBI deliberately giving Hillary a free ride, the Republicans will too. She won’t go to prison. Trump won’t be found truly guilty of anything. Aren’t the Republicans in charge right now? Don’t they have a majority? Can’t they just appoint the guy they want to do the investigation they want and come to the conclusion they want, just like Comey did for Hillary and Obama? Of course they can. And the conclusion they want is for Hillary to not go to prison and for Trump to not go to prison, and for none of them to go to prison and for the gravy train of pay-to-play to keep running on schedule. There certainly wouldn’t be any real consequences if they did “prosecute”. Because every single one of them also wants to go on speaking tours and make tens of millions in what is essentially free money. Half a million to give a speech? About what? Curing cancer? And then there will be another election. Maybe Hillary runs, maybe she doesn’t. Maybe Trump does again, maybe he wins again. It won’t change much. I listened to so many people go on and on about how Trump is different. This time it will be different. And I was like… They will not allow him to change anything they don’t want changed. All the wars he said were bankrupting the country and he’d put an end too? Guess what, we’re still there just like Obama had said he’d close Guantanamo. And we’re now going to start even more wars and spend even more money. Did Trump reduce our national debt? Nope. Gonna be more this year than last year, as always. Is his wall up? Is it stopping the illegals flowing in? Nope! But keep believing that THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT. This time she is going to prison. It won’t be. She isn’t.

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