Close-up of the stickers on the alleged bomber’s van

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Posting because the previous one on here was removed for no submission statement. Here are the zoom-ins.

I only have two questions personally: would this even be legal to drive? How are the stickers not washed out by the Florida sun and climate? The colors on them remain very vibrant.

Another angle


ARREST Has Been Made in “Suspected” BOMB CASES!

The man who allegedly sent pipe bombs to a dozen outspoken critics of President Donald Trump has been identified.

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Law enforcement sources told NY1 that the man was identified as 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr., of Aventura, Florida.

Police arrested Sayoc in Plantation, Florida Friday morning in connection with the series of packages sent to prominent Democrats, including Barack ObamaHillary ClintonGeorge SorosRobert De NiroJohn BrennanJames Clapper and Cory Booker. The pipe bomb sent to Brennan was delivered to CNN’s headquarters in the Time Warner building in Manhattan.

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