Clown World Economy: Commodities Prices Skyrocketing

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By Chris Black

Another day in the globo-homo-shlomo world, and boy, do we have good news or what? According to recent articles, copper, uranium and lumber prices (not to mention oil, thanks Uncle Joe) are going through the roof.

 What is happening?


Are we going to have a white boy summer or what?

Not so fast goys. Here’s the deal:

Lumber spiked because thousands of Wall Street suits that probably don’t even know how to use a hammer, went crazy on lumber futures with Fedbux.

If there wasn’t an easy way to rollover commodity contracts and speculate on anything you wish, with hardly any risk, we wouldn’t see commodities jump 350% in six months.

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There is no end demand reason for what we are seeing, especially with oil.

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 Is demand now supposed to be 2.5x pre-covid lockdowns?

I’m sorry, but why should speculators be allowed to buy contracts for uranium, oil, copper, lumber etc. that they can never possibly use?

The only purpose they can have for buying contracts is to reduce the supply of available contracts for those who actually need the uranium, lumber, oil etc; and in so doing, driving the price up.

The same can be said for all commodities. 99% of oil contracts are traded by speculators. 

The idea that was sold is this would increase competition and drive prices down. Instead oil went from $13 to $147 in six years.

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The same thing happened when utilities were deregulated. Natural gas retail prices skyrocketed and so did electricity. Power in my area was $.09 per kWh, now it is $.32. 

This entire clusterfuck is about gambling in commodities to hopefully double your money in a year. 

This is the new investment world. Anything that doesn’t hit 100% or more in a few months is a loser.

Always remember kids: every “shortage,” and market crash, and war, and disease is artificial manipulation to make money. As Adam Smith wrote in Wealth of Nations, no two businessmen have ever met that the topic didn’t soon change to price gouging or some other way to rig the market.


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