CLOWN WORLD: Trump Rally Sabotage BACKFIRES And Liberals Donate $16,000 To Trump Campaign By Mistake

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TikTok Teens Try To Sabotage Trump Rally, End Up Donating $16,000 To GOP

Teens on TikTok tried to cause turnout to plummet for a Republican rally in Staten Island last week, after pulling off a similar stunt at the Trump rally in Tulsa in the summer.

On Sept. 19, out-of-staters using fake, frequently lewd names — including ‘Grabemby DePussay,’ ‘Ivana Punchyou’ and ‘F–kyou Trump’ — began signing up online for the ‘TRiUMPh Rally,’ a free get-out-the-vote event,” according to the New York Post.

In an attempt to dissuade the Trump-hating TikTok frauds, the event holders added a nonrefundable $5 fee to reserve tickets.

But they kept coming. From Colorado and California and Chicago and Houston, all over the country,” Lantry said. “They hate this president so much that they’re willing to donate to the Republican Party to troll him.”

The Trump-haters donated $15,785 via the reservation fee, the Post said, noting that “[no] seats were provided at the open-air rally, and the event drew 2,500 locals, who filmed a get-well message for Trump as he recuperated from his bout with COVID-19.”



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