Clown world- Visitors trapped in Disney resort by sudden COVID lockdown

China’s strict zero-COVID policies ruined the fun for hundreds of people attending Halloween festivities at the Shanghai Disney Resort.

On Monday the park closed abruptly, sending many visitors unsuccessfully scrambling for the gates to try to get out. The park did not warn visitors inside or those waiting to get in about the immediate closure, and it is unclear what sort of outbreak prompted it, according to Reuters. On Saturday, the park had announced it would be operating with a limited workforce, and that some live events would be cancelled, but the park remained open.

Several people trapped inside did, however, post on social media that a number of the rides were still running while people underwent mandatory testing. Anyone who tests negative will be allowed to leave, but will have to complete three more tests in the next three days while isolating, local media reported. Additionally, anyone who had visited the park since Oct. 27 is also required to undergo three tests in three days. The park did not say how many people were stuck inside, but during a similar lockdown last November more than 30,000 visitors were trapped for two days until they tested negative or were sent away for quarantine.

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Those who test positive will be taken to China’s notorious quarantine centers.


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