CNN at it Again – Anti-American Agenda

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by Martin Armstrong

CNN is now deliberately following the agenda I have heard from Washington to do an all out assault on the unvaccinated who they regard as Trump supporters/Republicans that they intend to try to eradicate ahead of the 2022 elections. CNN is following the agenda that Washington is requiring the vaccinated to wear masks and to be tested all over again blaming the unvaccinated for this development. They are not reporting the truth that 40% of the vaccinated people are the ones in the hospital in Britain and Israel has reported that the vaccines are at best 39% effective against the Delta Variant.

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At the same time, reliable sources are reporting that there has been a sharp increase in strokes and heart attacks among the vaccinated pouring into hospitals. A friend of mine is one of them. You really have to wonder if these people at CNN and cold-hearted idiots that like the Nazis are just following orders and reading their scripts without a single thought about the agenda.

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