CNN Confirms School Shooter is on Meds

I’m hesitant to help the tratiors at cnn with a link to their largely propaganda-driven and fake news-laden site but it appears that in this article they provide confirmation that Cruz is taking meds – as noted by
a jail guard…(Note: the article fails to specify what the meds are specifically)
Here is a short snippet from a long article linked below
“Another day in which deputies described Cruz as “unremarkable” and “relaxed” as he sat in his cell.
“Seems coherent. Minimal interaction during shift,” a deputy said in a report logged at 6:30 a.m.
“Ate very little of his food … slept most of the time. However, appeared restless for part of night.”
Another deputy noted that he “avoids eye contact” and “looks downward with a blank stare.”
“Inmate nods his head as a response initially but uses normal speech when prompted.”
On this day, he ate his entire meal and took his medication, another deputy wrote. Later in the evening, another deputy described him as restless, “tossing and turning while laying down.””
He was heavily medicated/unconscious when arrested. His arms are rubber when cuffed, and then at 22-27 seconds his heads wavers and drops down.