CNN debunked there own Russia Conspiracy in this article from Wed October 19, 2016

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by Stevemagegod

The Obama administration is accusing Russia of hacking US political organizations.

This is what Mueller should be really investigating. The DNC got hacked by Russia. The RNC did not. They’re investigating the Winners and not the losers or any of the other Political Parties involved in the 2016 Election when this has been the real conspiracy all along.

But election officials and cyber experts say it’s virtually impossible for Moscow or some other outside group to influence the election outcome.


Hackers could create mischief — some say “chaos” — but the election system is resilient enough to withstand shocks. The key concern, experts feel, is public perception: Sowing distrust is easily achieved even without successful hacks.

BOOM CASE CLOSED. SOWING DISTRUST IS EASILY ACHIEVED EVEN WITHOUT SUCCESSFUL HACKS. MEANING THE DEMOCRATS ARE CREATING DISTRUST BECAUSE HILLARY LOST. 1st they wanted to Abolish the Electoral College and now they want to Abolish the Presidency all together because “Trump broke it”. That’s definitely called influencing public perception and it ain’t the Russians but the Democrats who lost in a land slide.

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