CNN Fantasizes About “President Pelosi” As Impeachment Witch Hunt Continues

by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

Propaganda outlet CNN is fantasizing about President Donald Trump’s impeachment, which could be followed by the impeachment of Mike Pence leaving the country with “President Pelosi.”

This fantasy scenario was conjured up in an opinion piece by Paul Callan, a contributor, and CNN legal analyst. Callan imagines that Trump and Pence could possibly both be drawn into the Ukraine inquiry, leaving the way clear under constitutional law for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to ascend the White House steps as Commander-in-Chief.

He writes:

What might follow could be a double impeachment scenario that would make heads spin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the president of the United States. After Pence, she’s next in the line of succession.

Callan does admit that this is just “a dream.” After all, if Trump and Pence were both implicated in the scandal and Pence’s resignation or removal from office occurred first, “Trump could nominate a new vice president under the 25th Amendment.”

As Breitbart pointed out, this isn’t the first time a media outlet has floated the idea of a “President Pelosi.” Last month the Washington Post examined the same possible scenario in an opinion piece. It stated:

What happens when a Democratic speaker of the House — second in line to the presidency, according to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 — is suddenly thrust into the Oval Office, succeeding a Republican president and vice president who resign, embroiled in scandal?

Such a scenario is attracting attention — #PresidentPelosi was trending on social media after last week’s announcement of an impeachment inquiry — even though it may seem far-fetched that President Trump and Vice President Pence would be forced from office over abuse of power related to the administration’s dealings with Ukraine or other misdeeds.

The writers, Robert Atkins and Adam Frankel, at least conceded that it remains “far-fetched” that Trump and Pence could be forced from office over “abuse of power related to the administration’s dealings with Ukraine or other misdeeds.” But they did not rule it out, as Breitbart News reported.

The witch hunt continues with fantastical democrat fantasies all rolled up with it!


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