CNN Hillary interview excerpted government document

by OwnPlant

But I think what people talk to me about –and that’s all I can go on –is the literally thousands of people that I’ve seen in the course of this campaign. They want to know what I’m going to do for the economy, what I’m going to do for education, what I’m going to do for health care. And they trust me to have a plan and to be committed to carrying out that plan, and they should, because I will.

KEILAR: One of the issues that has eroded some trust that we’ve seen is the issue of your email practices while you were secretary of state. I think there’s a lot of people who don’t understand what your thought process was on that.Can you tell me the story of how you decided to delete 33,000 emails and how that deletion was executed?

CLINTON: Well, let’s start from the beginning. Everything I did was permitted. There was no law. There was no regulation. There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate. Previous secretaries of state have said they did the same thing. And people across the government knew that I used one de-vice. Maybe it was because I am not the most technically capable person and wanted to make it as easy as possible.

KEILAR: But you said they –that they did the same thing, that they used a personal server and…

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CLINTON: Well, personal e-mail…(CROSSTALK)

KEILAR: … a subpoena deleted emails from them?

CLINTON: You know, you’re startingwith so many assumptions that are –I’ve never had a subpoena. There is –again, let’s take a deep breath here. Everything I did was permitted by law and regulation. I had one device.

When I mailed anybody in the government, it would go into the government system. Now I didn’t have to turn over anything. I chose to turn over 55,000 pages, because I wanted to go above and beyond what was expected of me because I knew the vast majority of everything that was official already was in the State Department system.And now I think it’s kind of fun. People get a real-time behind-the-scenes look at, you know, what I was emailing about and what I was communicating about.

[17:10:10] KEILAR: Wearing warm socks, you said to John Podesta.



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