The Truth behind Covid 19 it is a cover up for the bond market collapse and the mass bankruptcy of municipal governments

by GreyFox78659

Just wait until they ban the people reporting on the municipal bankruptcies and the fact that the bond market collapse that caused them is not related to Covid and was predicted back in September when the bond market froze.

Also that this is the exact same scenario that happened back into 2008 and that both parties are complicate in the cover up of the bond market collapse and the sabotage of Bernie Sanders who would be the Democratic Nominee had this not been suppressed back in September by the impeachment of Donald J. Trump.

This is the end of both parties in the USA they are both guilty of the coverup of the mass bankruptcy of corporations and municipalities.

Things coming to make it increasingly obvious what this is……

Mass Jail releases (starting under Covid cover)

Cut backs at hospitals including Doctors and Nurses (starting despite Covid)

Corporate and Government Checks bouncing

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Government unions threatening strikes

Fire and Police department cutting staff down to just officer and firemen (starting despite Covid)

National Guard deploying everywhere without NBC gear (Starting under the cover of Covid)

Lock down goes indefinite despite numbers clearly showing things are getting better

Looting and rioting

Infrastructure damage do to theft

Let me cut this short see fall of the Soviet Union it will be exactly like that.




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