CNN is going to fact check RNC; They did not do the same for DNC

CNN’s Stelter says network will do live ‘fact-checks’ of Republican convention, gets blasted for not doing same with Democrats

The news channel’s media critic Brian Stelter says CNN will have live “fact-checks” for the RNC, leaving many to wonder where those fact-checks were during the respective Democratic event.

Warning about a possible “stream of disinformation” at the RNC, scheduled to take place from August 24 through August 27, Stelter promised CNN will “fact-check” and “cut away” from the event as needed.

He also blasted rival Fox News network for their coverage of the Democratic National Convention and their conservative bias.

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“There is an asymmetry in our media…where Fox is off there on the right in ways that other networks are not, in the middle or on the left,” he said, adding that “one side” in the political spectrum lies “a whole lot more than the other.”



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