CNN & Jim Acosta Helping to Change Rules to Let Alternative Media in WH Press Room

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by Thinker

Well, bad boy Jim Acosta, and the fake news CNN, with all their using bad laws to get back into the White House, just may have opened the door for the POTUS to let every alternative journalist who applies for a WH press pass to get in. Mainstream media has always been invited into the White House, and pretty much has always filled most of the seats, but thanks to the actions of of CNN and Jim Acosta all that is going to change! Where there were no rules for how journalist behaved, there will be in the future, and “NOT ALL” journalist are going to always have a seat. Donald Trump is going to make another move that they will be crying about for years…ALTERNATIVE MEDIA IN THE PRESS ROOM!!!

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Can’t wait for the party…will Sarah Huckabee Sanders be sending out invitations to “TRUTH” news?

Thank you Jim!!! Your helping to “Make America Great Again” with “REAL” news and reporters who may have the opportunity to take your seat!!!!

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Mainstream media just opened the doors for the 45th president to change the rules of the White House Press Room, and who will be allowed in…alternative media waiting in the shadows to hurry on in!

New rules…new game…new president…Donald Trump!

Where we go one, we go “ALL!!!”


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