CNN keeps taking the bait. It’s almost as if they’re out to get the President and don’t fact check.

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CNN is “stunned” by Trump’s claim of unprecedented rape in Mexico. “Maybe he’s watching Alex Jones!” (as if that’s an insult over the mindless drivel they air every night. Alex Jones is Walter Cronkite compared to CNN.) Now wait until CNN finds out Trump got his info from a HUFF POST article. LMFAO

When asked what the president was referring to in regard to the “levels” of rapes, a White House official said the president was referring to “a stat.”

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“There is extensive and extreme victimization of those making the journey north with coyotes/smugglers in general,” a White House official told Fox News on Thursday. “This has been widely reported for years.”

The White House official directed Fox News to an article initially published in September 2014 by The Huffington Post titled “80% of Central American Women, Girls are Raped Crossing into the U.S.”

According to a report by Amnesty International, a staggering six out of ten migrant women and girls are raped during their journey north.

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“Not sure why the media is acting like this isn’t a well-established fact –women and young girls are brutally victimized on the journey north,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement to Fox News Thursday evening. “Strikes me as quite bizarre that reporters would try to cover up the gross atrocities perpetuated by smugglers and coyotes.”

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