New details about McCabe’s firing from the FBI. McCabe ordered Lisa Page to go to the media to try and hide the appearance of impropriety in his wife taking $700k from Clinton ally. Lisa Page ratted McCabe out to the IG Horowitz, and McCabe lied about it under oath.

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The source said Page’s statements to investigators were “critical” because they directly contradicted her boss, McCabe.

According to the source, McCabe’s lack of candor about the contact with the Journal reporter led to his firing. The source added that Page’s testimony about the matter contradicted McCabe’s. Then-FBI Director James Comey claimed he never authorized the leak to the Journal.

“Mr. McCabe’s interaction with the Wall Street Journal – which by FBI rule and practice he was fully authorized to do – was not done in secret: it took place over the course of several days and others knew of it, including Director Comey. Now, after a failure to justify the process by which Mr. McCabe was terminated with 26 hours to his retirement after more than 21 years of service, it appears that members of the House of Representatives are attempting to selectively and unfairly leak pieces of information from a report that is not public,” McCabe’s attorney Michael Bromwich told Fox News. “We understand that these members are attempting to create a false narrative that pits former Director Comey against Mr. McCabe. We deeply regret being compelled to respond to this selective leaking with any comment at all. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: Mr. McCabe never misled Director Comey.”

The theory that Page and Strzok finked on their deepstate butt buddies now holds some water. They are still employed, leaving them open to internal investigations. Now we see that Page telling the truth is what sunk McCabe.

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