CNN Lost ANOTHER 38% Of Viewers in 2021

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CNN managed a remarkable feat in 2021. The network, currently reeling from a spate of pedophilia related allegations among its staff, succeeded in losing ANOTHER 38 percent of its viewership.

According to Nielsen data, CNN saw the massive drop in weekday prime-time viewership, while MSNBC saw a 25 percent drop in viewership for the same time slots.

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The data shows that on average there are 919,000 Americans watching MSNBC, while only 787,000 are still watching CNN.

At this rate the networks will soon be out of business.

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At this point, anyone still watching CNN has to be either completely brainwashed or brain dead. The network is now desperately attempting to corral these zombies into paying for its services with subscriptions.

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Howard Stern recently posited the question “who the hell’s gonna pay for CNN+?” noting that “people don’t want CNN. I mean are they outta their minds?”


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