CNN: We Keep Shouting About Gun Control But No One Cares

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by Thinker

But… but we have crying child soldiers. And symbolic pageantry that could only have been conceived off by entertainment industry hacks. Why won’t you burn the Bill of Rights? Why? You’ve gotta sympathize with CNN. They’ve been working harder on this than that missing airliner, Global Warming or Bigfoot. Where’s the payoff? (CNN)In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, the public’s support for stricter gun laws shot up to levels not seen in 25 years. If you tell people that something needs to be done about the color green, and run constant scare stories about it, support for banning purple will rise in polls. But people won’t actually care. They’re just repeating back what the media tells them.

An echo is not a priority.

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In the face of this public outcry and with many voters telling pollsters it’s going to be an important or major factor for them in the upcoming midterm elections, the Republican-led Congress and the Republican President have done very little to enact stricter gun control.

How dare they not believe the pollsters?

Even as the majority of Americans disapprove of the job the President has done handling gun policy, his approval rating has:…greenfield

Why All Mass Shootings Are False Flags

Flashback 2013 – False flag shootings for guns by political pedophiles who fear the truth? The time has gone on and more and more false flag shootings are growing. Why? The truth! It has been going on a long time and gun owners are holding tight to their weapons.

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Only traitors to the American people would commit treasonous acts of false flags and even murder to win. 9/11 the inside job that those who lost the elections fear the most.

9/11 Rogue Agenda

This film made this in 2014 – Our legal system is now broken more than ever, our country is now a warmonger for profit hanging out with International THUGS. It makes me sad. We need to know why and who is behind it.! I have tried to show what I found we are up against and who are the TRAITORS behind it. If my angry sarcasm comes through …………. good! This is a Citizen Journalism Production. “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more” Howard Beale.


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