CNN’s Anti-Trump Obsession Is BACKFIRING, Ratings Drop As Americans Are TIRED Of The Absurdity

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CNN’s Anti-Trump Obsession Is BACKFIRING On The Company, Zucker Called “Captain Ahab” As Ship Sinkss. What does it mean when we say that Trump Derangement Syndrome is destroying CNN and other media companies?

Well first CNN’s ratings are down significantly year over year and they have been obsessed with covering every little detail about Trump. They ran a segment recently about Trump’s twitter typos.

No matter what happens many media personalities can’t give Trump one good day. Eventually something objectively good happens but the orange man bad media must do everything in their power to spin it to a negative.

This causes two kinds of destruction. First, people eventually realize that they are being fed fake news and misleading information in order to drive ragebait clicks, they leave or get exhausted. CNN’s ratings have been going down more and more in recent times.

But it destroys them in other ways, their credibility is gone. No longer are these outlets the seekers of truth. All that is left a withered husk of what used to be journalistic ethics and passion crumbling on the floor as the network begins its day of panels and petty critiques.

While the Trump bump may have helped views for a while it was no better than an other medicine turned addiction. Now that the orange man is bad they can never run a positive segment. The audience would revolt.

They led themselves down a path of fake news and into the Trump maelstrom.



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