CNN’s Chris Cuomo — We’re Not Anti-Trump … And We Do it Best

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by Thinker

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo scoffed at the notion CNN is anti-Trump, despite the absence of coverage of Gov. Mike Pence’s speech on the homepage of the network’s website.

Watch Chris Cuomo’s full interview with Sarah Sanders

What you’ll find is that Donald Trump has got a press secretary that no agent of satan can bring down, and they are trying. Amazing to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders holding her own among those who fear the truth and the Creator. They are trying to manifest change by way of news and it isn’t happening and the people aren’t buying it. President Trump isn’t going by any script, he wasn’t supposed to win. He a commoner and was laughed at for thinking he could even be in the White House. Between Trump, Gowdy, and Huckabee, they are taking top viewing for many and those that watch are see the most truth, and transparency than ever before. Since taking office Trump is finding that the content of character of many in his staff and government organization are not acting on behalf of the American people.

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Sarah Hucabee Sanders is representing the American people and truly has the power, vibration, and tanacity to be the first female president. Think about it as you watch her deal with the attack by Chris Cuomo who must be getting some bank for doing what hes doing. Is
Chris Cuomo protecting the FBI…why? Agents in the news? Free FBI agent Richard Taus, he’ll tell all!

Chris Cuomo vs Sarah Huckabee Sanders – Sanders is the WINNER!!!!

Sorry Chris Hillary didn’t win and whatever you were promised, you aren’t getting. So many people that counted their chickens that didn’t hatch. The economy is in a better place than it ever was since Trump says Huckabee. Why? Trump has closed the off the vault of free flowing American dollars that everyone was jumping in on…they thought Hillary was going to win. What Sanders says is the “TRUTH” the whole “TRUTH” to the best of her knowledge. In the question about the military that Chris knows the answer and Sarah answered correctly, was Trump listened to the commanders who are supposed to tell the truth. If there is a question with military spending, there are those who are spending the money that should be addressed those questions. Cuomo doesn’t know history, or does he and this was just a test to see how much Sarah could take. She’s the winner hands down. The best press secretary the White House has ever had! Go Sarah!



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