Code Talking – Reading Between The Lines – Las Vegas Massacre – Autopsies Released.

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by Ruby Henley
I am going to only present facts, some code talking, some autopsy results from the Las Vegas victims, and it will be up to you, the reader, to read between the lines.  This will be the last report on the Las Vegas Massacre for me.  It is complicated, and frankly it should end here.
1)Thanks To Truth Tracker at TVclip.
Las Vegas Shooting Proof, The Disappearing Helicopter and the Imaginary Plane By Truth Tracker
Published on Nov 5, 2017
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First is a short overview of flight traffic visible on Flightradar24 during the Las Vegas Shooting. After the overview, we get to the bottom of a dark helicopter and a plane that simply doesn’t make sense…
Take the journey with me Truth Tracker…
Trademarked and Copywritten by Truth Tracker the true source and investigator on the Las Vegas shooting.
Do you want proof a helicopter went dark for at least 20 minutes during the Las Vegas shooting?
How about proof that, say a passenger airliner isn’t a passenger airliner at all, then what is it?
No speculation is brought forth in my video, only evidence.
Because the world and the families of those affected deserve to have answers. If they won’t give it to us then we must find them for ourselves.
In this video, you will see proof that Maverick Helicopter N848MH disappeared off Flightradar24 around 9:50pm then, reappeared over 20 mins later, merging with a pack of Maverick tour helicopters in their usual circuit at 10:15pm before, breaking off and landing in the desert southwest of Mandalay Bay.
You will see a passenger airliner Southwest Airlines flight 4119 approach McCarran airport as if to land, turn right, head straight to the Mandalay Bay and stop.
Do passenger airlines now stop in midair?
Not to mention, if you track Southwest Airlines flight 4119 back to its departure location according to Flightradar24, it seems to have departed over a neighborhood in Tulsa?
Who will answer for these discrepancies?
Why did Flightradar24 alter the time stamps on all aircraft visible on their radar from the night of the Las Vegas Shooting?
Why is the flight pattern for helicopter N848MH showing an incorrect flight pattern?
Why do Police dispatch calls issuing shots fired from the night of the Las Vegas Shooting follow a direct path going north up the Las Vegas strip? Following the exact same path that normal tour helicopters follow when they take off from McCarran airport?
Proof that Maverick Helicopter N848MH disappears off of Flightradar24 for over 20 minutes then, reappears with a pack of Maverick tour helicopters before, landing in the desert southwest of Mandalay Bay.
Maverick Helicopter N848MH is Owned By Mustang Leasing.
Departure- 21:41 Military Time or 9:41pm the night of the Las Vegas Shooting.
Arrival: 22:27 Military Time or 10:27pm the night of the Las Vegas shooting.
Lands in the desert next to Freeman Audio.
Yes, 3 helicopters go dark behind Mandalay Bay, but what makes N848 special is its arrival and departure time.
On Flightradar24 when you click on an aircraft, you are provided with departure time and arrival time for each aircraft.
N848MH as listed above^ keeps a consistent departure time and arrival time during the Las Vegas shooting.
The other 2 Maverick Helicopters that go dark behind Mandalay Bay are:
N858MH, and N854MH
a quick inspection of 858, and 854’s departure and arrival time on
Flightradar24, you will see that both of these choppers have time
changes occur during the night of the Las Vegas shooting.
When 858, and 854 are behind Mandalay Bay and disappear, their arrival time is reached and their flight time is suspended.
10:15pm, 858, and 854 are seen taking off once again after disappearing
behind Mandalay Bay. Now, when they are visible according to
Flightradar24’s departure and arrival time, both of these helicopters
have begun a new flight time.
Meaning, 858 and 854 landed at the airport suspending their flight time around 9:53pm and took off again around 10:15pm.
N858 and N854 are taking off from McCarran airport around 10:15pm they have acquired new departure and arrival time that correspond with Flightradar24’s UTC graph at the bottom.
As for N848MH, it’s departure time and arrival time remains consistent throughout the entire shooting, unlike 858, and 854.
But it’s not visible, did you see it?
Proof N848MH was still in the air for the entirety of the shooting.
Truth Tracker…..
Thanks to Chris, all of those in the Truth Tracker FB group, my bro, John Cullen and more..
The following autopsies have one thing in common:
Case #58
Cause of death: Gunshot wound of the head.
The bullet enters the top left of the victim’s head, fracturing his skull and injuring multiple features of his brain before exiting near the entry wound.
Case #56
Cause of death: Gunshot wound to the head.
The bullet enters the top left of the victim’s head, fracturing his skull and injuring multiple features of the brain, where it comes to rest.
Case #51
Cause of death: Gunshot wound to the head.
The bullet enters near the top left of the victim’s head, fracturing her skull, fragmenting the round and injuring multiple features of her brain before exiting the right side of her head.
“In an investigation where each day seemingly gets weirder than the last, the latest shocking revelation in the ongoing cover-up of what actually happened during the Las Vegas Massacre comes in the form of video footage that may prove that victims of the attack were fired upon from the air.”

“I almost felt like there was a helicopter above us shooting, like a war sound it was so bizarre”
— Kelly Moore Time Magazine Interview

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Listen carefully at around 7m50s, “It’s the helicopter”, “That’s coming from the f@$#ing helicopters”, you may have to listen several times to hear it clearly:
There is no excuse for LIGHTS OUT (those are the shoot copters), not less than FOUR CHOPPERS in the air near the Mandalay Bay shooting location on Oct 1, 2017, DIG IN ON THIS *** READ THE DESCRIPTION ***
Shooting Location: Panorama Tower
4525 Dean Martin Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Google Map:
See these videos for other angles of what may be this chopper:

Note: The last one (above) is under attack by frivolous copyright claim. Here is a back up just in case, as always DOWNLOAD everything interesting that you find:
*** UPDATE (10-21-2017): Successful copyright defense, screenshot:
Some things I noticed reviewing footage with helicopters in mind is that first of all they are flying in a military style manner (probably pilots who are triggered into a war mode). They make rapid turns and swoops and are between the buildings (not normal for civilian tour/travel). Furthermore, they use MORE lights than necessary (see the videos on my channel – they use collision + strobe their landing lights) – this may be a tell that they are actually RUNNING COVER for the shoot copters who go LIGHTS OFF.
POSSIBLE MUZZLE FLASHES from helicopters. RARE Footage from the West Side of the event (behind the Mandalay and Luxor). Also note the sounds, almost sounds like suppressed gunfire and look at the erratic flight why is that helicopter cutting a 180 degree turn that quickly? He is hovering between the buildings.
Watch Helicopter SHOOTING TEAMS stage up / switch shoot teams on the North side of the Harley Davidson Store, on the private Harley Davidson store parking lot property adjacent to the airfields:
One of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting has blown the whistle to reveal that he was shot by multiple gunmen during the massacre. Rocky Palermo was shot by a gunman in the crowd during Sunday night’s mass shooting and says he has the evidence to prove it.He says there were between 3-5 active shooters firing weapons into the crowd and says there was gunfire coming from the ground as well as from above. Palermo was rushed to hospital after taking a .223 round to the pelvis and still has 30-40 pieces of bullet shrapnel still inside his body.Doctors told him the bullet was inches from paralyzing or even killing him. Mr. Palmero confirmed that his injury was caused by an attacker on the ground and that the bullet was fired at his with a horizontal trajectory and wasn’t fired down from above, although weapons were being fired from “all angles”.
The U.S. Air Force has been training members of the Royal Saudi Air Force on U.S. soil for more than 25 years, officials said. Since 2007, more than 1,000 Royal Saudi Air Force students have attended U.S. Air Force training programs, including pilot, navigator, logistics, maintenance and explosive ordnance disposal training, as well as professional military education courses.
LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A man by the name of Josh Boultinghouse claims that his grandfather told him that three military helicopters were flying around on the night of the 1 October massacre and were firing what appeared to the elderly man to be “dummy-fire” while all three aircraft all took separate positions.
The man said that his grandfather witnessed what he described as a “movie shoot” within a 5-mile radius of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

6)October 1, 2017: The top floors of Mandalay Bay isn’t Mandalay Bay, but is Four Seasons, owned by billionaire Talal. The whole floor was reserved for that week. No one would do that unless they were Saudi royalty. Crown Prince Mohammad? We know it wasn’t King Salman, because he was in Russia at the time.


Evidence continues to emerge linking the recent purge in Saudi Arabia to the October 1 shooting in Las Vegas.  Was Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman escorted out of the Tropicana?  Could he have been the primary target that night?
8) #BREAKING: #Saudi Prince Mansour bin Muqrin dies in helicopter crash
On Saturday, the Saudi government said it had intercepted a missile from Yemen near Riyadh’s airport, an incident that underscored increasing tensions between the two countries.
The prince’s death also came on the heels of Saudi Arabia removing a host of prominent officials in a sweeping crackdown in which dozens of princes and former ministers were detained.
A Saudi man convicted of paralysing a fellow countryman in a cleaver attack is being threatened with having his spinal cord cut in a tit-for-tat punishment.
The ultra-conservative desert Kingdom enforces Islamic law and on rare occasions metes out punishments based on the ancient code of an ‘eye-for-an-eye’.
Patsy Paddock
Saudi US
Four Seasons
Helicopters Spotted
Helicopters Dark
Shots From Above
Head Shots
Shooters In Crowd
Prince Tropicana
Saudi Killed Helicopter Crash Yemen
An Eye For An Eye
Do Not Speak
I did not feel I wanted to give an opinion on what happened on the night of October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas.  I felt it better to just give facts and links.  You, the reader, have access to the same sources I do, so you can form your own opinion…just as I have.
In forming this opinion, I no longer have questions about Stephen Paddock, Marilou Danley, or anything they did on the night of October 1, 1017.  They are a moot point for me now.
However, I believe at this time it is best to no longer speak of the incident.
Why does Q Anon speak in a code of sorts?
Some people have said this is crazy and makes no sense.
I believe it is, because he has a top security clearance, and the only way he can really speak is in code.
He wants the Patriots to know the truth, but he cannot just come out and state it.  Things that are a matter of national security should not be spoken about.
I do not mention or refer to Q Anon in this report, I am only using him as an example.
Read between the lines.
I found an important video you must watch.
RED ALERT! YouTube Terminating Vegas Investigation Channels

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