Coffee In California May Soon Come With A Cancer Warning

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Despite its long list of health benefits, coffee in California may soon come with a consumer warning about cancer.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee In California May Soon Come With A Cancer Warning

  1. So lemme get this straight. Coffee, which so many of us choose to imbibe willingly, is going to need a cancer warning, but vaccines, which has been strongly linked to a plethora of very dangerous results, and which few choose willingly, is going to be mandated–with no opting out.
    Ohboy. If you are a thinking person, living in California, get out while you still have the mental capacity and physical ability to do so.

      • Yes, it was a great state to grow up in but as with everything else that the left leaning lunatics touch, it has turned to shit. It was the ‘bread basket’ of the country. Perhaps it still is but who wants to eat food that has been patented by a company that specializes in producing chemical poisons. If I ever were to cross paths with Gerry Brown I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself from punching him in the fucking face.

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