Cohen Prague Claim Crumbles As McClatchy Reporter Admits To Third-Hand Info

by Natura Naturans

A Thursday report claiming that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was in Prague during the 2016 US election has begun to unravel after one of its authors admitted it was based on third-hand information which nobody affiliated with the report had seen, according to the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross.

McClatchy reported Thursday that foreign intelligence exists placing former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in Prague during the 2016 campaign, as is alleged in the infamous Steele dossier.
But the story is coming under scrutiny after Cohen directly denied the report. Other news outlets have been unable to corroborate the bombshell report.
One of the reporters who worked on the story, Greg Gordon, has shed light on the reporting. In an interview with MSNBC, he acknowledged that he and his sources did not directly see the underlying intelligence cited in the report.

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The reporters who broke a potentially bombshell story claiming evidence that Michael Cohen visited Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign did not see for themselves some of the underlying intelligence cited in their report, one of the journalists who wrote the story revealed Thursday.

In an interview on MSNBC, Greg Gordon said that he and his McClatchy colleague, Peter Stone, did not physically see cell tower records and intelligence intercepts that they claim placed Cohen in Prague in summer 2016.

Gordon also suggested that the four anonymous sources he and Stone cite in their article also did not see the intelligence for themselves, meaning that the report is based on third-hand information.

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“Is there anything that you were able to physically see for yourselves?” MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Gordon.

“I wish we had. We held out for a while for that, and it came a time when we thought we had a critical mass. It is a competitive business,” Gordon said.…mcclatchy/

The mass media has earned it’s reputation as the fake news source of our century. And of course, once a story has been proven false they make no attempt to issue a correction. Propaganda is all they care about. Otherwise they might carry stories of the daily Israeli atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinians. But an attack on Israelis by Palestinians IS big news.


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