COLD WAR II: Australia exposes China’s many hidden hands.

via asiatimes

Reports suggest that the Covid-19 crisis may have led to an upsurge in activity by agencies run by Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) such as the United Front, a body President Xi Jinping once referred to as his “magic weapon.”

“The Chinese Communist Party is strengthening its influence by co-opting representatives of ethnic minority groups, religious movements, and business, science and political groups in China and overseas,” said Alex Joske, a researcher at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra, in a provocative new report on China’s activities in Australia.

“The CCP’s attempts to interfere in diaspora communities, influence political systems and covertly access valuable and sensitive technology will only grow as tensions between China and countries around the world develop,” he added.

Don’t trust China… you know the rest.

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