Collection of questionable videos emerging from Michigan vote counting centers…

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by KorrectDaRekard

Video of whit van arriving during shift change, boxes being unloaded into a wagon. then rolled into Detroit voting center

GOP Poll Watchers being blocked from entering Michigan polling center

Workers Detroit absentee ballot center cover windows to block public from seeing inside

Poll Workers cant account for how 38,000 new ballots appeared over night

More video of people being allowed to enter Michigan voting site with suitcases, coolers, and boxes going unchecked

Candace Owens on Twitter: “Every mail-in-ballot needs to be audited in MI, WI, & PA. It’s that simple. If the Democrats are being honest and legitimate, they will not fight this audit at all. The statistical impossibility of 100% of 140k overnight ballots going to Joe Biden has made this necessary.”






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