College is a scam…

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by Anonymous guest

Former professor here. I’m in the process of changing careers and here’s why: I cannot ethically continue to take a salary from such a fucked up system.

The underlying problem is the diversity worship. College administration believes in diversity above all else. We as professors have been forced to water down the curriculum so that the majority of our “new recruits” can be “successful” and graduate. I’m here to report I have given students passing grades who didn’t even speak English.

These students get a worthless degree and in exchange, they mortgage their future with student loans, and in my experience, many of these minority students who were held in such high esteem by the diversity worshippers are unable to find gainful employment. Now these little brown pawns are saddled with a lifetime of debt and no ability to pay it off.

Since the brown wave of invaders, quality has fallen so low that many universities have embraced a system of accommodating “disabilities”. This generally involves students who are either retarded or cheaters. The kids who are retarded obviously should not be there (I’ve been commanded to give some of these students up to four times the amount of time on exam) and the clever cheaters have figured out that all they need to say is “I have test anxiety” and the disability office takes over from there to justify their own existence. I taught in a major that is a direct pipeline into medical professions. I’d often argue that none of these students will receive double time or a distraction free environment on the job.

Who wins in all this mess? Administration. They recruit the retards and minorities because all they see are numbers and skin tones. Their existence as overpaid and underworked management depends on numbers. Our American population just isn’t enough to sustain their outrageous salaries so they worship diversity and recruit kids who have no business in college. I cannot stress enough how destructive administration has become at universities around the country. They are a group of highly unethical, egotistical, lazy and overstuffed people who would have no chance in a career outside academia. The most dangerous of these people are the female administrators who will lie and cheat to attain their desired outcomes.

So in closing I am leaving the profession because I can’t lie anymore. I can’t pretend what I’m doing is good or noble. I hope our country takes notice of what is happening, because I really did believe in the concept of higher education, but like everything in our nation, it has been rotted from the inside out. If you want the best for your kids, send them to a trade school. I would only let my kids attend university if they were dead set on a career they could not obtain without a degree (e.g. nursing, engineering, etc). Things are truly worse than you think on every college campus.


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