College police departments and administrations will manipulate crime data to make themselves look better. Going so far as to use propaganda when the university looks bad.

by MountainsMan55

Let’s start out with saying that threads over the summer show multiple victims of various crimes reporting it to the WVU while the college itself does as much as it can to prevent itself from looking bad rather than help victims.

1st. Twitter thread.

Victim was part of domestic violence where the assailant was supposed to be expelled. The turn around happened months later when the university wanted to have a hearing instead.

In this we also see multiple responses from other victims saying the university is prolonging, humiliating, and not helping victims.

As well as Marshall Universitiy having the same issues.

2nd. Another thread the assailant of a sexual offense was given a minor in house punishment and victim was given no protection at school. After reporting it never went to court from the school or otherwise.

Students talking of cover ups.

3rd. Another victim where the administration had not offered protection or a trail. A resolution was made that the assailant could stay at the school and victim was told to “get a gym membership” to help with trauma. The university never charged assailant with a crime.

4th more evidence from accounts but no threads.

The school newspaper released an article on how crime has dropped as soon as school started after a summer of allegations.

This is a problem at WVU and many universities. Administrations should be held accountable and universities should be policed by real police.



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