People who look back at Nazi Germany and don’t understand how did other countries let it happen, well just look at China now, it’s happening again.

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by greyabassador

This is how it happened.


1 – They essentially agreed with their methods and objectives or; (“China is achieving such a high economic development for their citizens! We should learn from them and not criticize them!”)

2 – They were profiting from the situation or; (“Oh, but we need those cheap iPhones!”)

3 – They were too scared of the consequences if they tried to intervene or; (“Who will dare to enter a military conflict with China? They are just too powerful!”)

4 – They were too powerless and disorganized to intervene; (“I am just an average Joe on Reddit, what the hell can I do about it!?”)

So everybody kept playing the silence game until they couldn’t anymore.

What are we talking about here? Complete suppression of civil liberties, human experiments, concentration camps, political persecution, summary executions, etc, etc, etc.

This has been happening in China for a long time, it is happening right now and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.

So yeah, if you think people in the 1930s just let it happen because they were stupid, you’re not that different. History will judge you too.


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