Big Pharma is on the verge of mass producing psilocybin like it does insulin.

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by chicompj

Genetically modified bacteria are basically the only reason we have synthetic insulin today. Without the discovery of how to produce insulin using E. coli in the 1970s, diabetes would be a far more severe diagnosis. Using this same technique, scientists in Ohio have just announced they’ve reached a breakthrough: producing psilocybin — the main psychedelic compound in 200+ species of magic mushrooms — through E. coli rather than the mushrooms themselves.

This will be potentially great for the treatment of mental health problems like depression and PTSD, which psilocybin has been shown to be very helpful toward. The downside is that control of the drug will be in the hands of Big Pharma, and that’s the conspiracy element here. Imagine Pharma companies deciding they need to regulate naturally grown shrooms to protect their profits. This discovery is flying under the radar and needs to be talked about — because pharmaceutical executives are certainly paying attention.




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