College Student moving out of Parents House – Tips living Independently

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Will you have roommates? Make sure you all are clear on breakdown of rent and utility expenses. Also personal space – do you want to mark your food or each claim a shelf in the fridge/pantry? How about bathroom? Should you each have a basket near the sink or will you keep it clear of all your personal stuff?


  1. Make sure you have a little extra cash for when you need stuff like lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, etc.
  2. Buy cheap ass furniture from graduating seniors or people who are leaving school.
  3. Learn to cook! You can save a lot of money and eat way more healthily if you can cook 5-10 basic dishes.
  4. Make sure you set up either automatic bill pay for electricity, internet, etc. Also set a reminder a day or so before the due date so you can check to make sure you aren’t late on your bills.
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PS – make sure you have a good plunger in the bathroom. It will suck a whole bunch if you need one and don’t have one.

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Find a dollar store that actually sells things for $1. Tons of things you’ll never realize you need but now need can be purchased super cheap. Cleaners, brooms, dishes, paper products like napkins etc.

Get into a habit of cleaning. It’s easy to not clean… don’t become a slob. If you have roommates, work together to clean communal areas.


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