Color Revolution in Georgia

by Chris Black

Georgia recently passed a law that requires foreign-funded NGOs and media organizations to register as foreign agents.

Now the country is filled with (totally organic) Leftist rioters, who are literally protesting for right of Globalist NGOs to meddle in their national democratic affairs.

“The International Community” claims that requiring foreign lobbyists to identify themselves is a “human rights violation,” and that the new law, which protects democracy, is actually destroying democracy. 

They appear to define democracy as “when Globalist NGOs have power.”

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The new Georgian law seems to be based on the US Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.

Apparently the law didn’t pass, it was just a bill and has since been withdrawn.

These Georgia riots are the exact same thing that happened in the Ukraine in 2014. 

It’s just a script.

It’s very frustrating to watch the peasants continue to fall for these ridiculous tricks, but it just is what it is.


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