COLORADO: Former state rep accused of sexual assault uses campaign money to ‘reimburse’ self for ‘legal fees.’

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“Galindo’s resignation came from scrutiny she faced when two women accused her of sexual assault they said occurred while they worked under her during her campaign for office during the spring, summer and fall of 2018.”

Rumors surrounding the future of former House District 50 Rep. Rochelle Galindo continue to circulate as the 29-year-old awaits trial on allegations she served alcohol to underage campaign workers.

Galindo may have created even more questions with her most recent campaign finance report, filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office on Oct. 15, showing she reimbursed a large portion of the cash on hand back to herself for “professional services.”

Galindo reimbursed herself $4,500 in what she labeled as legal fees for a recall effort that was in place when she resigned on Mother’s Day. However, the reimbursements didn’t come until months after she stepped down, and it is not clear who she paid for those services.

Under Colorado campaign finance laws candidates can not use their funds for “personal purposes not reasonably related to the election of the candidate except that a candidate committee may make expenditures to reimburse the candidate for reasonable and necessary child or dependent care expenses the candidate incurs in connection with their campaign during the election cycle.”

Much more at the link, including her celebratory trip to Vegas — also using unspent campaign contributions — following her election to the Greeley City Council in 2015.

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Galindo resigned from the assembly in May, and was also the subject of a recall effort.


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