Come And See The Violence Inherent In The Leftism

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Ted Cruz Asks U.S. to Designate Antifa a Terrorist Organization.

Related: CNN Host Palled Around with, Promoted ICE Firebomber’s Antifa Group.

United Shades host W. Kamau Bell spent the May 5 edition of his show “hanging out” (his words) with a number of Antifa groups, including the JBGC, whom he dubbed the “good guy[s].” Quillette journalist Andy Ngo (who himself was recently hospitalized by a mob of Antifa members) discovered on Sunday that the man who attempted to burn down a Tacoma detention center was even visible on-screen in CNN’s trailer for the episode.

A week after the episode aired, Bell had not yet tired of praising the JBGC and “the good work they are doing,” even going so far as to encourage his viewers to “do what you can to support them.”

This is CNN.



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