Comey Indicted Himself, Lynch, and the Entire MSM…. Networks To Lose Millions During Today's Comey Testimony

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For the first time, former FBI Director James Comey, who is testifying today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal a “matter” and not an “investigation.”

On March 15, Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, sued the Justice Department for all relevant material related to the Lynch and Clinton Phoenix meeting.

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Comey Confirms: Lynch Tried to Influence Clinton Investigation
Comey: Lynch asked me to call email investigation a ‘matter’

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Networks To Lose Millions During Today’s Comey Testimony
The weirdest of all reality shows will be aired live on all the cable news networks, but the spectacle is expected to be so hot that even the main networks will forgo their regularly scheduled programming to go live. But unlike NFL games, Senate hearings don’t build in commercial time outs, so the three networks — ABC, NBC and CBS — will lose millions in ad revenue while airing The Jim Comey Show.
“Doing some very rough, back-of-the-envelope math, the testimony could cost broadcasters millions,” the New York Daily News reported. “For example, the average rate for advertising during the 10 a.m. hour of NBC’s “Today” show is about $12,000 per 30-second spot, according to industry reports. Give or take some, that figures to be a loss of around $350,000 per hour.”
Comey’s testimony is set to run from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. or so, but in past hearings, the former director has gone hours past that, so it’s anyone’s guess just how long today’s show will run. And how many millions the nets will lose.


30 thoughts on “Comey Indicted Himself, Lynch, and the Entire MSM…. Networks To Lose Millions During Today's Comey Testimony”

  1. But that’s not what the corporate media will take away from it.
    Their headline will be “Comey convinced Russia tried to rig election”, and their articles will highlight “Comey was scared of being alone in one room with Donald Trump”.
    He has given them enough things that, if quoted out of context the way they always do, will make it look like Russia put Trump into office and Trump stole Hitlery’s “Get out of jail free” card to get out of it unscathed.

  2. Comey’s testimony is nothing more than a media plug to hide the Dodd Frank scheme to reverse it…… It’s all planned in advance to do this….why now???? Why bother??? Someone needs to arrest Hill, Huma, Podesta, Loretta, Bozo AND COMEY!!! They All broke the law and need to pay for it.

  3. Too bad they won’t strap him to the water board gurney and get to the bottom of all this treachery. Should take about ten minutes..
    (he’d do it to you)

  4. Comey is a clear nutjob and a kooky Clinton Operative Fixer. President Trump was right again on so many levels to get rid of the putz. Continue to drain the swamp and may God Bless America.

    • dont any of you morons remember the orange clown telling the NSA to keep quiet on anything that he said? its not that long ago that was reported, you clown buttlickers are the most disgusting bunch of hipocrites ever… you just cant see all the wrong that he has done, you will be sorry real soon………

      • I’m not a Trump-fan, but WHO ‘reported’ this?
        Forgive me if I LOL….
        And yet you’re not sorry for Obama or Bush?
        Even my Chinese cousin, Ho Lee Shit, knows ‘stupid’ when it’s posted.

        • if you read anything that is alt news like RENSE.COM you will see what the hell is really happening, stop the moron talk, bush and the kenyan are gone, this is about the the new orange clown scam , that is taking place, he is now our new problem, forget the past, if you are in a trance , and cannot see what is real , then join the others in their delusion……and dont call me stupid you asswipe…….

          • Hey STUPID, IF Trump were the same as the previous Presidents that you cite, why are they all attacking him like no other in history? The PAST is relevant and intelligent people learn from it, despite you not wanting to learn from it, which is the definition of STUPID!!! You are a special STUPID Snowflake bought into MSM bullshit stories and rumors spread by idiots – congrats STUPID.

          • hey sam the ignorant sham, you are worse than stupid, like i said moron read something worthwhile, and quit the glue sniffing, you have lost millions of brain cells, those last clowns are not in power anymore, the new clown is the new problem, he is promoting GMO shit , did you know that ? bet not, you have no idea what he has done already, im not dealing with a total uneducated idiot like you anymore, go back to school and learn how to read, did you get through high school , or DROP OUT?

          • listen once more idiot, yur right the orange clown is DERANGED ,many experts have said this, the clown announced on live TV THAT QUOTE, ISLAM IS THE GREATEST RELIGION ON EARTH , dont even try to deny this , everybody saw this you jelly brained misfit, you go see the doctor for your own dysfunctional brain, nothing has been coined about the clown, you are making up shit to cover for your own denial, i have told the truth ,so go away and play with yourself, it would be an improvement over your alligator mouth and childish comments, im done with you , DO YOU GET IT ?

          • just remember this sammy gay boy, the orange clown hired the whole swamp and has been reported, he is the swamp, and you are the SUCKER ,another born loser huh?

          • Read TellTheTruth-2’s comment below. He sums up the situation quite nicely.
            And yes, we’re already more than sorry for Bush and Cheney (False Flag 9/11 and al Qaeda, treason and sedition) and Obama and Hillary’s (continuity of 9/11 and MORE False Flags, MORE illegal wars, treason, sedition, destruction of the US, destruction of the Constitution, more Police State…. and ISIS), AND more and more for the criminal Jews. Like Donny has pledged.
            Which is why many of us are watching Trump completely change. As a few of us figured would happen; More for “Israel”, no mention of Palestine, on the verge of major conflicts, nothing done about the Obama/CIA coup in the Ukraine (and MORE innocents dying), the illegal invasion of Syria HELPING THE TERRORISTS the Western ‘democracies’ fund, NO reversal of all the 2nd Amendment violations, hiring ex-Goldman/Sachs criminals to ‘help out’ in positions of MORE power….The list goes on and on.
            Personally, I believe DT THOUGHT he could change things, but probably found a Good Death Threat in the ear…”So how’s that beautiful family of yours doing, Donny? Be a damned shame if they all committed suicide at once, eh’?, and he fell right in line with MOST of The Program.
            But THIS Dog & Pony Show nonsense surpasses the Theatre of the Absurd, but CLEARLY demonstrates what my ‘source’ told me a bit back;
            “As long as 1% of Trump fights ‘them’, ‘they’ will have him removed”
            Bush and Obama and most of Washington could be impeached, EASILY charged with treason, sedition, and murder, but that shows what you can do now in Amerika as long as you’re ‘onboard’.
            Fight ‘them’ – at all, and they’ll manufacture the stupidest shit on the planet – at taxpayer expense, of course – until you’re gone, and a 100% puppet like Pence can then pretend to be the ‘leader of the free world’.

        • Occams, oh you poor man of great wit & brevity – he called you an “Asswipe”. . . .why would he do that when you were reasonably polite !?!? And after he quoted the Main Steam (Yes – you read it correctly – as in “Steaming piles of crap) Media as a source of reliable information. Under the circumstances you were very restrained. 😉 As an aside, Jeeze – didn’t Comey hang the NYTimes out to dry or what ??!
          It has been abundantly clear for some time now that there is NO Russian smoking gun & all we have seen & heard is cleverly crafted & delivered innuendo, supposition, along with leaks of classified material – None of which, BTW, seems to have been investigated nor has the media drawn any attention to the leakers or commenting on the lack of enquiry by the F.I.B. With what can only be described as a full court press from virtually all the MSM, Trumps Presidency & administration has been under constant bombardment, hamstrung, maligned, his agenda & programme of works derailed, assailed from all sides unlike any President I can remember. Forget Bill Clinton as an example. He had turned the White House into a whore House, renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to anyone with lots of cash, be it from weapons, drugs or your usual run-of-the-mill-Wall-St-crime-sprees & so there was every reason to be all over him like a cheap suit. But there is now light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel . . . . Comeys conduct in dealing with Clinton is at complete odds with how he’s dealt with Trump & the sooner a tough No Nonsense F.I.B. chief is installed the better.
          Oh -And I don’t trust Mueller to stay away from what may look to be a huge media circus & not be drawn into the cult of self aggrandizement that often shapes how these special prosecutors progress.
          Oh – Say “Hi” to your cousin as well for me thanx Occam, if you get the time

        • sam grow up , all of you orange clown buttlickers accuse people of going for hillary, how damn ignorant, listen blowhard i voted for the orange mistake, and when he lied about everything that he promised, i lost all respect, with his war mongering just like the last clown , i will not back a filthy liar like him, he is a disgrace, keep him you moron, and you will be sorry, but too late .

      • Now that Comey is out of a job, the two of you will have plenty of time for that long walk off a short pier, not to mention plenty of luvin’

  5. If Bush Sr had let Casper Weinberger go on trial and blow the lid off Iran/Contra, he would have been impeached. So he brought his drug partner in Mena (Bill Clinton) in to be President. Now President Trump is caught up in a TURF WAR between the Clinton Crime Family (Comey) and the Bush Crime Family (Mueller) and, instead of the Clinton’s taking over the Bush/Clinton Crime Family with Hillary, they’re having to UNITE against TRUMP using Mueller/Comey. It IS that simple.

  6. This is the law of diminishing returns… and if the networks don’t get that, they are more foolish than I imagine. I cleaned my pool. I refused to succumb to the hype…
    wake me when Hillary or Obama is perp walked. Or diagnosed with terminal [name painful disease] — otherwise… I”m done with click bait.


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