Comey Speaks to Reporters After House GOP Questioning

by Thinker

Comey, the giant in politics…where does he really come from??? What did he talk about and seemed to be reluctant on its reopening…Hillary Clinton emails!!! Comey gives the thumbs up to the selection of William Barr by Trump…another politician with a lot of baggage. Will the American people approve??? Comey didn’t want to comment on the Mueller investigation or his friend.

Crimes Against the People…Comey Silence Speaks Volumes!!!

Issa: FBI attorney blocked Comey from answering questions

‘Time and time again’ the DOJ instructed former FBI Director James Comey not to answer questions during his closed-door interview with House lawmakers, says Rep. Darrell Issa, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Obama Quote; “The only people who don’t want to disclose the “TRUTH” are people with something to hide.”

Comey refusal to answer shows the American people where he stands…not with them!!! A failure of leadership in the FBI, Comey is a disappointment. If he was there to serve the people and the agency, he would have made an effort to have former FBI agent and decorated Vietnam Veteran Richard Taus out of jail!!! Framed by the CIA, for wanting to expose the Iran Contra deal, Taus was put in prison to prevent his testimony that would have prevented another Bush from being president.

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Comey isn’t for the people, he may not even be human!!!

Tom Fitton reacts to Comey’s closed-door testimony

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton reacts to James Comey’s hearing and gives updates on Judicial Watch’s Clinton email probe. When your in a certain group, you can commit crimes and walk away. Over and over again, the American people can see the “red line” Obama talked about. If your on the right side of the line there won’t be much time for the crime, if any. But if your not on that side of the line, you may do time without the crime if you know to much!!!

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Former FBI Agent Richard Taus going on 30 years in Clinton Federal Prison…a crime against humanity!!!

I’m going to agree with everything Tom Fitton says…not everyone is doing the time for their crimes. What does the POTUS want??? The same for everyone!!! “Drain the Swamp” bring “TRUTH” like Americans have never seen in the MAGA movement.

Gaetz shares what he learned from the Comey hearing

House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Matt Gaetz speaks out on what he learned from questioning ex-FBI director James Comey.


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