Comey Tweet – Begging McCabe For Mercy?

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Synopsis: So yesterday a furious FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe was escorted out the door of FBI headquarters on Pennsylvania Ave. – the most humiliating departure action possible for any veteran government employee.
The idea of firing someone, then escorting them out the door prevents them from going back to their desk and erasing their harddrive before they depart for the last time. It is the ultimate symbol of mistrust of the departing employee.
At some time in the “resignation” process, McCabe threatened that if he didn’t get his full FBI pension, he would “torch the FBI”. That does not mean physically attempting to burn the building down. It means – in this case – threatening his fellow conspirators to reveal all their dirty little secrets.
McCabe will likely be facing criminal charges before this is over. Prosecutors would definitely try to turn McCabe against those above him in the coup attempt hierarchy. Most at risk would be former Director James Comey, followed by the two former Attorneys General, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. Finally, at the top of the ladder would be Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Comey tweeted out about 9pm last night this pathetically-transparent plea for mercy:

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See also  Marjorie Taylor’s tweet to Iihan Omar...

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