COMIC RELIEF: 14 Year-Old Daughter Argues Case To Mom & Dad For New iPhone

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via silverdoctors:

Editor’s Note: Daughter’s name changed back to real name as requested by the 14 year-old.


“Dad, did you read the email I sent you”?

No, who has the time to check personal email these days?

“Well, just read it, I wrote it in school, and it’s a persuasive essay. Tell me what you think!”.

Friends, stackers and trolls, this is exactly what ‘Ol Half Dollar’s kid said to him a short while ago.

Here is the exact essay, more of a big paragraph really, as it was written and sent by email, which I have copied and pasted here with zero changes except changing the names of my daughter and son, but “Paul” is indeed me, and yeah, I get it, if somebody really wants to find out information on somebody else, they can.

That said, well, I’d love to know what you think in the comments below.

Should I buy her the new iPhone after her argument (how much does that thing even cost?)?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Another year, another iPhone. Upgrading your iPhone is very important, but many people fail to see why. The phone might still be usable, yes, but do you really want to be that one person in the room who still has a home button on their iPhone? Every year something big and better comes out! I’ve had my iPhone 8+ for two years now and I’m ready for an upgrade! I can give my old phone to Chris, and Chris can give his old phone to Paul. Paul, you could really use a “new” phone and here’s why, your home button no longer functions, you can barely open and closeout of an application, and lastly, your phone is so laggy I don’t know how you can even make calls on that thing. With me (Carolina) getting the newest iPhone, I will be open to a whole new world of possibilities.  With the new features of animated text, vastly longer-lasting battery than any other phone to date, a night mode feature to the camera and etc. I use my phone daily and that’s not going to change anytime soon! My life fits in the little  6.5in Super Retina RDX display. When have you seen me without my phone? This generation is dependent on the internet. In addition, Chris and Paul will be getting a “new” phone for free. My actions have been good and I KNOW I am deserving of this upgrade. I think we can all agree that I should get the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I forgot to mention, or she did anyway, the headphone jack on my phone is not working either.

Thank Microsoft for Bluetooth!

– Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart




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