Coming soon – monthly COVID shots – it’s a cure for long COVID they say.

  • More than a million Britons are living with lingering problems after coronavirus 
  • British scientists to explore giving long Covid patients monthly doses of vaccine 
  • First stage of study given green light on Friday with human trials to begin in 2021 

Even as Covid cases continue to climb, the Government’s plan to lift all remaining restrictions in a matter of days is still on track for a single reason: the vaccine has severely weakened the link between infections, hospitalisations and deaths.

Yet, amid the optimism, another concern has cast a shadow – the rising diagnoses of long Covid, the debilitating condition that leaves sufferers battling symptoms for months after being infected.

More than a million Britons are said to be living with lingering problems, from breathlessness to brain fog, and that figure could double by the end of the summer, say experts.

With no effective drug treatments yet discovered, there has been little hope for those living with the worst difficulties – until now.

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In a world first, British scientists are set to explore giving long Covid patients monthly doses of the Covid vaccine, in an effort to combat the chronic condition.



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