Comparing the Value of Speeches Made By Trump and Clinton, and What They Can Cost Us

Think of it as a fire sale.  Vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and get to hear their speeches for free.

Bill Clinton gets paid up to three-quarters of a million dollars a pop for giving a one-hour speech.  Hillary Clinton gets paid up to half a million for a warmed-over stump speech. If Americans elect Hillary, they can hear all of her speeches for free.  Plus, they get to watch the fallout from all past, present and future Clinton scandals in real time.

Certainly, those who collectively pony up several hundred thousand to hear pearls of wisdom from the Clintons must be on to something.  No one in his or her right mind would cough up that kind of dough, if it wasn’t worth it. Guess what? If Hillary is elected, you can hear her priceless speeches for free.  Americans love freebies and getting Clinton 24/7 is the biggest prize in the free-stuff galaxy. It’s like getting pay-for-view free of charge. It’s like hitting the lottery without having to buy a lottery ticket.

Who cares about the emails Hillary destroyed, when her spoken words are much more valuable to the general public?  Emails are boring; Clinton speeches are mesmerizing based on what people are willing to pay to hear them. As a practical matter, the Clintons are not bashful about charging all the market will bear to hear them bloviate.  The only difficulty for them is that they stop laughing their tails off long enough so they can get to the podium and get through a speech.

No other presidential candidate has demonstrated their oratorical value like the Clintons.  That is, until now. Donald Trump gets paid a jaw-dropping $1.5 million per speech. Not a bad piece of work for someone who doesn’t need the money.  On a cost-per-word basis, no one on the planet comes close to Trump. Not by a long shot. There’s no question that Trump is much more entertaining and down to earth than Hillary will ever be.  He appeals to the masses, even if they don’t agree with him or believe half of what he says. Many believe Hillary’s speeches are too guarded and poll-tested, whereas Trump just lets it fly. Trump is the only presidential candidate in world history to flash a one-page summary of his mega-billion-dollar net worth for all to see on national TV, and then he unabashedly proclaimed that he’s filthy rich.  Here’s an apostle of the obvious and wants everyone to know it. He says he doesn’t need any pain-in-ass lobbyists telling him what he should or should not do. And he’s right. He doesn’t need them or their money. Hillary, on the other hand, is still trying to convince voters that she and her husband couldn’t make ends meet when they left the White House. On a sincerity or authenticity basis, one has to give Trump a decided edge.  He calls it like it is, whether you like it or not. Therefore, one can understand his appeal and why he gets paid twice as much as Bill Clinton and three times as much as Hillary Clinton for a speech. The marketplace has spoken and Trump is obviously the more exciting speaker. People are willing to put their money where Trump’s mouth is.

But, whether you elect Trump or Clinton president, it is windfall for you.  You can hear their speeches free-of-charge for four years or more. To hear the Inaugural Address by either one of them is alone worth the price of admission.  Just think how spellbinding State of the Union speeches would be coming from one of these value-added orators. Internet traffic would slow to a crawl. Facebook would overload and the Twittersphere would freeze up.

And guess what?  The price for you, esteemed American voter, is zero.  That’s right — it will cost you absolutely nothing. All you have to do is cast your vote for Hillary or Trump in the primaries and the next presidential election.  

You don’t have to donate a penny to the Clinton Foundation to get this free offer.  Just vote for Hillary Clinton. As a bonus, you can hear Bill Clinton deliver an occasional speech at no extra cost.  You don’t have to stay at a Trump hotel or casino to get comped with a free speech. Just vote for Donald Trump. It’s that simple.

Either way, it’s an offer that’s hard to refuse.

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